schoolfactsonline is CLOSING.

schoolfactsonline is CLOSING.

I'm really sorry guys, I tried to make a website that would make you guys interested, one that would make you guys have reliable facts that you could actually trust, and I failed. I miserably failed. My staff team quit on me, and it was me by myself for a while until leading up to this disaster now.

All progress on schoolfactsonline has been destroyed, and we're unable to retrieve anything that was made before January 1st, 2022, which is where our last backup was. That save is so old that it's unusable, and that basically leaves us with nothing.

The web servers will go offline on April 1st, 2022 at 6:00PM CST when our servers are expected to renew, but instead will go offline. Thank you guys for the continued support of schoolfactsonline, and I'm really sorry to disappoint you all. Maybe someday there will be something that you can use for reliable information to help you with the projects that you're told to create by your school.

APRIL FOOLS! We aren't going anywhere! schoolfactsonline is here to stay, and we got amazing things to show you in the future. Keep up-to-date with our progress on our Discord Server as we share some news on our progress! Happy April Fools from the entire staff team at schoolfactsonline!

~ StarManTheGamer, CEO of schoolfactsonline