Responding to the war

Responding to the war

We at schoolfactsonline are continuing to monitor the number of requests we are having, and this includes the number of requests we are getting from both Russia and Ukraine. We are extremely heartbroken to see the number of deaths in Ukraine from Russia, and we are wishing that this war will come to an end soon and that Ukraine can rebuild everything.

What's this mean for us?

schoolfactsonline has thought long and hard about turning off its services to Russia, and the team has finally concluded: We will not be terminating our server's access to Russia. The reason we have decided to make this decision is that the more websites that are being blocked in Russia, means the more citizens who are uninformed about what is happening and they have a higher chance at getting the wrong news that is misleading them. Russian citizens haven't done anything wrong, and they deserve to have free internet as they wish.

Donating our revenue

schoolfactsonline still hasn't been ad approved by Google Adsense, and as soon as we are approved we will be enabling ads. All of the revenue that is generated from our ads will be donated towards the Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting for their lives so that they can keep going, and keep defending their country. While we might not generate a ton of money from our ads, it's every penny that counts, and we would like to do our part in helping Ukraine.

Thank you, everyone

We know that the past couple of years have been rough with COVID-19 and now a war starting, but I am hoping that we will have a smooth future and that we can have all countries get along. We know that you all are intensively waiting for the release of schoolfactsonline, and we can promise you that we are working on schoolfactsonline continuously and we can't wait to get our website out to everyone in every country. Progress is slow at the moment, but stay tuned for further announcements in our Discord Server and on our blog for more information regarding our release.

Thank you for reading our response to the war, ~ schoolfactsonline team